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Isle of White

Rowborough and Cheverton have perfected the craft of providing exquisite shooting experiences for over thirty years, catering to teams of all skill levels. Spanning across two estates totalling more than 2,000 acres, the steep valley drives offer exhilarating shooting throughout the season.

Isle of wight is England's largest island by mass

Teams use the Isle of white Ferry, which arrives in the town of Cowes. The lodge is a 30 minute drive

Pheasant & Partridge

Middle of September until January

Guns will meet at the newly converted shoot lodge at 9am for breakfast. The day will consist of 4 or 5 drives, depending on the conditions. Elevenses will be served after the second drive, with plenty of in-field refreshments. The team will return to the lodge for lunch at the end of the day.

Newly refurbished shoot lodge in the middle of the estate


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