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Extremadura, Spain

Located 2.5 hours west of Madrid, Las Golondrinas is set amongst 17,000 hectares of most beautiful countryside and represents quintessentially the ultimate in traditional Spanish hospitality and shooting. The private accommodation within Las Golondrinas retains many of its original features and the numerous natural river systems provide exceptional topography for the presentation of extremely sporting partridge.

The Estate is owned by Jacobo Bustamante, who is a passionate sportsman. This is an estate that is found by ‘word of mouth’, meaning that it remains a true hidden gem that few outside of Spain have ever heard of.

You can enjoy traditional Monterias (driven big game: deer, wildboar and mouflon with hounds) or stalking of the Spanish 4 different Ibex, red deer, fallow deer, mouflon and wildboar

Either commercially into Madrid or locally by private plane into the estate.


October to the end of March

A traditional breakfast is followed by a day of 4 or 5 drives. Each drive can last a while, as large areas are often brought into effect. It is not unusual to see key beaters on horseback and flankers with enormous Spanish flags. A full day will see you back at your lodgings with just about time for a quick nap before drinks and dinner.

Fantastic fully renewed house original from XVII century, keeping the ambience and taste of a luxury shooting home. Meals and wines are under a Cordon Blue supervision. Staff in the lodge: 7 maids + 2 butlers. Hosted by the owners Jacobo and Fernando Díaz de Bustamante and their wives.


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