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For those that have family in tow or non-shooters wanting to stay in Madrid while you experience proper Spanish partridge shooting, this is the dream ticket. Stay in one of Madrid's finest hotels right in the heart of the city and you can enjoy two full, proper day's shooting just forty-five minutes from your hotel. Or just 10 mins from the estate at Regajal Lodge, there are no downsides. La Flamenca is the real deal from utterly charming host Javier to some wonderful drives of traditional partridges over this 4,200 hectare estate. Javier organises everything shoot related and we can handle hotels, guides and restaurants.

La Flamenca might be close to Madrid but it is rare you will see any evidence of being near a city, it is remarkable.

Short drive from Madrid, teams can either stay locally or travel from the capital in the morning!

Red partridge

September to end of March

Through the web of valleys, Javier is able to present open grouse-like drives to deep gorge drives such as the signature drive called Speilman's named after a regular English guest. Once everyone is ready and have their guns, cars will move off into the valleys for the day's shooting. There will be refreshments after every drive, taco mid-morning and lunch will be enjoyed at the house mid-afternoon before the cars take you back to town for a siesta and dinner.

There is an option to stay nearby at Regajal Lodge. Or enjoy the best that Madrid has to offer in terms of hotels, culture and food while enjoying the shooting so close by. It is a pretty unique set-up which works superbly well.

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