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La Cuesta is regarded by many shooting aficionados as simply the best partridge shoot in Spain for consistently showing high testing partridges over a wide range of countryside from open plains to mountain sides.

The deep canyons and high cliffs certainly help to show very testing birds but the key ingredient for success is the strength, age and health of these birds which is due to the sound husbandry and Spanish sunshine.

The season runs from the 1st October to the 6th March and shooting game on Sundays is permitted in Spain. October and early November is regarded by many as the perfect time to shoot in Spain as there is a natural lull between the end of the grouse season and the start of the pheasant season. February and March dates are also much in demand as shooting seasons for other game close. Great sport can also be had in the depths of winter, often with snow on the mountain tops and hanging in North facing gullies. Flying to Spain for a couple of days shooting can be easier than travelling a distance in the UK on dark winter nights!

Regarded by many as the finest shoot in Spain for those looking for high birds.

Flying into Madrid and transferring from there or into a local private runway.


1st October to the end of March.

The shooting area at La Cuesta extends to approximately 20,000 Ha and travelling around the property is easy in the fleet of 4wd vehicles. Gun stands are all on level ground and each guest is supplied with a highly experienced Cargador (Loader) and Secretario (Bird boy) who look after their Principal for the duration of their shoot. Most teams number 6 – 8 guns but it is possible to shoot with more or less guns in the line. Peg sharing is quite acceptable.

Daily bags are large by U.K. standards being a minimum of 600 birds per day, regardless of the number of guns shooting.

Tacos in the field after the second drive is followed after say the 4th or 5th drive by a substantial lunch in a converted house overlooking the mountains. On the last day of shooting, lunch is back at La Cuesta to allow guests time to shower, change and pack before returning to Madrid or the airport at the end of their stay.

La Cuesta Finca

Accommodation at the Finca is particularly comfortable; all 16 spacious rooms (10 suites & 6 double bedrooms) are adjoined by large bathrooms with bath and shower. There is also a Health Spa with Gym/ weight training equipment, running machines and cross trainers etc. Saunas, hammans, ice bath and 2 massage suites complete the Wellness centre.

A large salon with central open fire place and adjoining bar area are a great place to relax before and after dinner. An adjoining dining room and small library complete the public rooms.

The excellent cuisine is complimented by great Spanish wines.


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