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The exclusive venue boasts over half a mile of prime location along the renowned World Famous River Test. With a commitment to offering unparalleled fishing experiences, the estate prides itself on providing some of the finest angling opportunities on this stunning and reliably river.

Each beat features its own dedicated fishing hut and private parking area. The surroundings are meticulously maintained, offering ample space for casting with minimal obstructions along the riverbank, making it ideal for beginners. The predominant catch includes brown trout, complemented by occasional grayling and rainbow trout; anglers are welcome to keep a pair of fish if desired. Darbishire Sporting offers customisable catering options, from hamper lunches to on-the-bank BBQs, available upon request.

The main fishing season spans from May 1st to October 15th, with winter opportunities for grayling and pike fishing available upon arrangement. Until June 30th, upstream dry fly fishing is the preferred method, transitioning to the use of unweighted upstream nymphs thereafter. Bucket list for all anglers.

Historically, the River Test is generally regarded as the birthplace of modern fly fishing.

Brown Trout

1st May - 15th October

Fishing will take place across the day with intermittent breaks and of course the legendary long lunches!

Locally we have some wonderful accommodation options including private lodges, luxury hotels and award winning pubs. Please contact us for a full list.


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