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Faccombe is undoubtedly one of the closest quality shoots to London and given its proximity, the privacy of the estate is remarkable. The house is set behind a high wall in a secluded location for those wanting to seek some time out from the City. The rugged landscape of undulating hills is ideal for both pheasant and partridge shooting.

The estate used to be owned by the late Brigadier Tim Landon, who took an interest in green energy: the estate runs off wind turbines. However, this does not disturb the beauty of the area, nor the well-kept drives.

A beautiful house is concealed behind a high wall. "If you want to be close to London but feel hidden away in unspoilt countryside, this is the place".

The estate enjoys superb partridge and pheasant shooting throughout the season with some of the very best sport in the area, this really is a world class shoot.

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