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Devon, England

This fantastic Exmoor estate, situated close to North Molton, covers around 1,800 acres of classic high pheasant ground. The shoot has been run privately for many years and only recently has a partnership been formed with the owner and an enthusiastic tenant.

There is an excellent head keeper who has lived and worked on shoots in the area all of his life. The estate have recently planted 125 acres of game crops to enhance the stunning topography further and the wild nature of the countryside gives a special feeling of privacy and seclusion.

350-500 bird are the order of the day and at Buttery. The shoot boasts fifteen drives in total, which are all challenging and very different in character, therefore keeping even more experienced guns on their toes.
2016 saw the introduction of partridges in a major way. These were a great success and have been improved further for September 2017.

The shoot is located in some of the best country in Exmoor with the famous North Molton Shoot next door.

Pheasant & partridge

middle of September until the end of January.

Guns are royally entertained in a wonderful shoot lodge which enjoys a stunning location overlooking part of the shoot. In the morning, you meet here for coffee and the shoot briefing and return here for lunch and tea, all of which are of the very highest standard.

Locally at Molland House or Tarr Farm.


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