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Althorp is an estate in central Northamptonshire, less than one and a half hours commute from central London and is the home of Earl Spencer. The shoot covers approximately 6,000 acres of attractive deep rolling Northamptonshire countryside over grass, arable and woodland including the stunning 500-acre listed parkland surrounding Althorp House.

There has been a family shoot on the Estate for well over 100 years, however the shoots development since the 1980s has dictated woodland and cover crop locations to provide a diverse range of very sporting birds across the shoot. Days are generally mixed pheasant and partridge days for 8-9 guns with typical bags of around 250 to 350 birds. The emphasis on providing good sport and hospitality to achieve a relaxing and enjoyable day.

From 2023 all teams meet locally at an agreed destination and then lunch is taken outside of the estate in one of the many very good local pubs. The house is no longer the meeting place for the shoot.

Althorp first became the seat of the Spencer family in 1508, when Sir John Spencer purchased the land with money from his sheep-rearing business, building the eminent house in the process.

Althorp House is located in Northamptonshire following minor roads off the A4500. But typically the hosting team will collect you from an agreed location and taken to the first drive.

Pheasant & partridge

September until late January.

Guns meet locally at a agreed destination, but normally teams would stay the night prior to shooting and be collected from there. We would taken elevenses in the field after two drives, followed by 2-3 further drives and then back for a late lunch. The house is no longer apart of the shoot, but we still use all of the existing ground which made the shoot famous.

Locally there are numerous award winning pubs and hotels for both accommodation and lunch for the shoot day.


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