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Standridge remains one of the quintessential Old World-driven shooting experiences, offering an intimate and personalised atmosphere that makes it the ideal destination for teams seeking more than just a day's shoot. The estate stays true to its traditional roots while embracing modern hospitality practices, resulting in a charming blend of the past and present.

With its diverse terrain including valleys, expansive rolling fields, and wooded areas, Standridge caters to shooting enthusiasts throughout the season, from early September to late January. Whether it's early partridge hunts or mixed bag days later in the season, the estate offers a variety of options to suit every preference.

Richard and his family expertly host each outing, providing a seamlessly organised experience that combines the warmth of a non-commercial setting with the professionalism expected of a top-tier operation. Standridge embodies the essence of a classic shooting estate, making it a cherished destination for discerning teams.

The name Asthall Leigh, formerly ‘Astallingeleye’ (1279), means ‘woodland or cleared woodland of the people of Asthall’.

Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, good transport links from Oxford and local towns of Burford and Chipping Norton.

Partridge, pheasant

early September until middle of January.

Guns meet at the estate in the shoot lodge for briefing, typically shooting through with lunch at the end, but also very happy to stop for lunch. Extra guests and dogs more than welcome.

The Cotswolds is blessed with more hotels, lodges and pubs than anywhere outside London. The estate is only a few minutes from a variety of options and around 1hr 30 mins from the West End.


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