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An Iron Age Burrow provides the topography and scenery for a dramatic pheasant shooting UK location.

Just over the border from Wales, in Shropshire, England, Kempton is a typical English driven-game-shooting estate. If you were going to film an Edwardian driven-game shoot, this would be the location—simply beautiful topography that can lull even the best shots into complacency. However, it is the spectacular topography that allows positioning of a line of Guns that presents the most spectacular views and testing shooting—a combination that draws back teams again and again.

Kempton is the home of the Dumbell family and offers traditional presentations of pheasants and partridge—all really tall birds. This is a challenging shoot with some special drives. My personal favourite, The Oaks, presents high pheasants flying from dense cover crops over the Guns in steep valleys.

The village was listed as one of William de Picot's holdings in the Domesday Book of 1086.

Pheasant, partridge

October - late January

All teams meet in at the Kempton shoot lodge which lies in the middle of the estate. Firstly, we aim to tailor your day to suit your team requirements. The shoot host will always aim to meet you the night before to ensure you feel comfortable during your stay with us, also allows questions to be asked and details of the day to be discussed. The following morning the shoot host will greet you at the shoot lodge with coffee and tea before the briefing and drawing of pegs. A typical day consists of 4 to 5 drives and ensures sufficient time for plentiful elevenses. Lunch can be served in the middle or end of the day. To finish the day afternoon tea is served and the game card is provided which is always a great way to reflect on the day and share tales from the line.

Locally we can suggest a number of very good hotels, shoot lodges and award winning pubs. There are is blessed with World Class shoot both in England and over the border into Wales.


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