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Experience the Thrill of High Pheasant and Partridge Shooting at Gurston Down Shoot in the Heart of the Chalke Valley

Founded in 1965 and meticulously planned by Jim Brocklebank of The Game Conservancy at Fordingbridge, Gurston Down Shoot stands as a testament to dedication and passion for quality shooting. Nestled within the breathtaking Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the rolling Wiltshire Downs, this esteemed shoot has earned international recognition for its exceptional game.

Under the guidance of David Hitchings, the bare open landscapes of Wiltshire have been transformed into a haven for game birds. Through years of hard work and dedication, coverts were established, creating the perfect habitat for high-flying Pheasants and Partridges.

Initially, days shooting at Gurston Down were let through syndication, but recognizing the potential to offer individual guns an unforgettable experience, David boldly advertised in The Field in 1973. This marked the beginning of a new era for Gurston Down Shoot, inviting discerning shooters to partake in the thrill of a truly exceptional shooting experience.

Join us amidst the picturesque Chalke Valley and discover the artistry of game shooting at Gurston Down Shoot.

Pheasant & Partridge

Late September typically until the end of January.

Meet at the shoot lodge near the main house at 9am. Typically, teams will always shoot through doing four drives and stopping for elevenses after the second drive. It Is possible to stop for lunch on request.

West Barn Lodge - all shooting parties are encouraged to stay in The Lodge


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