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Cordoba, Argentina

Escondido lies just over the Sierras de Córdoba, west of Córdoba City, and is situated among thousands of acres dotted with irrigation pivots watering fields of peanuts, soybeans, and corn. From March through August, these crops offer an expansive food source for migrating pigeons and resident eared dove. The fields around Escondido are some of the lower pressured locations in the Cordoba region. Pigeon hunting here is an excitement filled experience, as hunters shoot from blinds as large birds drop down onto decoys set up by your bird boy. The dove hunting is typical Cordoba high-volume, no limit experience, and our bird boys are eager to keep your guns loaded for action all day.

Doves & pigeons

Year round.

A typical shooting day at Escondido will begin after a made-to-order breakfast, with departure to the fields by 8 AM. The driving distance to the fields ranges between 15 and minutes to one hour in our luxury 15-passenger vans with air conditioning, refreshments and two-way radios. Each client shoots with their own experienced professional bird boy, who will act as a loader, retrieve downed birds and keep cool drinks ready. Shooting continues until noon, when the group gathers in a shady grove of trees for a traditional Argentine asado (barbecue) complemented with salads, gourmet desserts and fantastic wines. The bird boys will also set up hammocks for an optional siesta. After lunch, the shoot continues until approximately 6 PM.

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