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The El Despeñadero Lodge is situated close to La Mancha, Toledo and set amongst a generous 2000 hectares of prime Spanish Partridge hunting habitat. The varied undulating topography consists of Olive Groves, forest and farmland, and the ravines offer sensational sport for travelling guns who visit the area. Thanks to Spain’s proximity to Africa and the warm, stable weather associated with the region, the Red-Legged Partridges have thrived, and now the country boasts some of the biggest and best populations found anywhere in the world.

With such a varied landscape and range of high-quality drives, the fast-flying acrobatic birds present even the most competent wing shooter with a real sporting challenge. They have the ability to explode through coveys, burst through the thickets and fire themselves into the open valleys.

Guided by Darío Vallano, one of Spains most respected guides, you’ll enjoy some of the most exciting, action-packed shooting available, with his team going above and beyond to ensure the days run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, providing the very best experience. If you’re passionate about wing shooting, combined with first-class hospitality, service and accommodation, then El Despeñadero Lodge in Spain is the perfect destination for you.

The shoot was developed by Dario's father who is a pioneer of driven partridge shooting in Spain.

Fly to Madrid and then transfer by car to the estancia at La Moncloa.


October to the end of middle of March.

A typical shooting day is made up of four to five drives which are broken up with a break for tapas and lunch. Each drive will last about 25 minutes and there will be plenty of action across the line. El Despeñadero can offer some good high challenging birds or some more classical Spanish style shooting.

Accommodation is included within the shooting cost at La Moncloa. This is a private estancia new for 2022 especially built for the shoot.

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