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North Yorkshire

The Danby Moors extend over 11,000 acres of beautiful heather moorland. The scenery is quite breath-taking and the attractive fishing port of Whitby lies approximately 10 miles to the east.

The moor is divided in to two, north (Danby Low Moor) and south (Danby High Moor) of the upper Esk valley and the driven grouse shooting is let by the day. The moor is butted so that two or three days can be let consecutively.

The Danby Moors are enjoying a real renaissance, following a record year in 2012, and there is a good population of healthy birds across all the moorland

The bag for the day is between 80 and 150 brace dependant on the time of the season, the shooting commencing in late August and running through to the end of October. (100/150 brace days in August/September and 80 to 100 brace days in later September/October)

Danby is part Wycombe Estates which also boats a world class pheasant and partridge shoot, with many teams shooting partridges the second day.

The moor lies on the northern end of the Yorkshire Moors, if teams stay in Helmsley they can enjoy the incredible drive across the moor in the morning.

Red Grouse

12th August - 10th December (the season will normally finish by late October)

Danby is a hugley productive moor, so traditionally days are completed in 4 drives with a break for lunch. There is usually time at the end of the day if we require a 5th drive to complete the day.

There are numerous luxury hotels in either Helmsley or locally close to Whitby. We also have some fantastic private houses for those looking for some extra special.

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