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You will be hard-pressed to find a more magical and more unique shooting experience in the UK. The entire setting resembles a Lynx golf course, with the added challenge of strong sea air, creating an unforgettable experience for visiting teams.

Its a mad adventure that offers a blend of excitement and natural beauty, boats, amphibious vehicles, and breath-taking views of the Bantham estuary. Additionally, the abundance of wildlife adds to the experience of being in an untouched wilderness. If the tides align, teams may even enjoy a drive where all the guns stand on punts—a truly extraordinary addition to the day. In essence, this is far from your typical shoot day; it's a remarkable experience that promises memories to last a lifetime.

Bantham was a farming and fishing village, although incomes were often supplemented by ‘wrecking’ – taking the spoils from ships that foundered in the often dangerous waters off Bantham’s coast.

Pheasant & partridge

October to end of January.

This is no normal day, ditch the 4x4's in replace of boats and amphibious vehicles, lunch in the ancient lifeboat house and the fresh sea air. This is an estate to tick off the bucket list.

In the village there is the old smugglers pub the Sloop Inn, or slightly further afield to hotels in Hope Cove and the world-renowned fishing town of Salcombe. Even staying at Burgh Island Hotel and visiting the Pilchard Inn which has watered sailors for the past 700 years.


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